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"Hard not to imagine Berlin while listening to 'Where Time Meets Space'."







"As one who has created and performed throughout the heyday of art communities springing up in squatted spaces and then seeing those spaces become voids as construction moves the city toward gentrification, Chiral has a unique opportunity to use her music to span and connect these two eras of Berliner artistic expression. She does so with great success."


"(... ) this interior dance record is the perfect accompaniment to and soundtrack for life in any modern metropolis, a headphone masterpiece for contemplating past, present, and future as you walk avenues where time collapses upon itself in your imagination."

                                                    Ryan "Critical" Masteller     


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Mila Chiral 


... strongly resisting pigeon-holing while busy to bridge gaps...


Mila Chiral is a Berlin-based dancer-choreographer, electronic musician and DJ, who works in composing sounds and poetry as well as bodies and movements in time and space.


Her new album NaFTftEoT |NIGHTMARES AND FAIRY-TAILES FOR THE END OF TIMES will be self-released in June 2021 along with a connected collective video project. It follows Mila Chiral's artistic direction by questioning the duality of time & space of her first album WHERE TIME MEETS SPACE  (April 2017, Elestial Sound).


Educated in dance and classical music since childhood, the influences of her youth include classical music as well as minimal music, new and dark wave, new romantics, NDW and the music of Prince and his collaborators.


Following the rise of electronic music in the early 90s, she started collaborating with (electronic) musicians for her choreographies. She made her first steps into electronic music production in 1995 with the project BrainScan, together with Bernhard Bockelbrink.


Her works of art are colorful, multi-layered and four-dimensional. In fact, her artist name refers to chirality — the quality of an object that makes it impossible to be superimposed over its own reflection. 


Mila Chiral’s expressive and intense genre-fluid technoid electronic music resists pidgeon-holing by crossing electronic music genres and questioning rules. It spans from the deepest abysses to enthusiast rave energy with ironic undertones from time to time. While some of the tracks open wide spaces filled with moving and morphing sounds to be drawn in, others call bodies to move immediately with stampeding techno-beats, uplifting rhythms or grounding grooves and colorful sound spaces - acidic reminiscences, glittering accents. Mostly staying in the technoid structure of an ongoing meter, they vividly break the mathematical proportions in small details with analogue quality. The multi-layered harmonies evolve polyphonically with melodic motives that reach down to the bass frequencies in the kick drums and (sub-)bass. 


In that sense, her musical compositions might be seen as chiral to her choreographic approach as  four-dimensional sound choreographies.

Because the physical experience of dancing for hours underpins her music, her DJing consists of multiple layers, long transitions and ongoing flow. Harmonic and rhythmical breaks also characterize her work, weaving her music further with the interplay of bodies in an extended collective movement.


The early rave utopian philosophy of love, peace, unity & respect (including diversity) - with its cultural, social and political impact underlies her artistic activities and projects. This includes critical thinking and reflections on dystopian-utopian dialectics and narratives in a complex world with interdisciplinary academic education and professional experience - these themes echo within the heartbeats of her music.


Mila Chiral was part of minutektiv, a group of music producers from Berlin. They published and performed their Minutes Collections from time to time - collections of one minute long tracks, each produced in an hour or less following a collective guideline until 2018.


Mila Chiral is also one of the organizers of MEETUP Berlin, a community of female-identifying, trans and non-binary artists in the fields of electronic music and arts. She is also a member of female:pressure.




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