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logo signature: Sunmoonstar

 visuals: Optic Veil


Live-Gigs & DJ-Sets





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Sep 2nd 2023, Djing@Basta Kollektiv, Oderbruch

Sep 15th 2023, live @New Moon Fest, Mensch Meier Berlin




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July 9th 2023, DJing @private event, Berlin

Apr 28th 2023, DJing @DYNAMIC @Mensch Meier Berlin

April 1st 2023, live sound choreography @Threads Radio Berlin

Mar 12th 2023 , live Ambient @Lauschangriff Berlin

Dec 6th 2022, live @Seneca Intensiv Jahresabschluss Tanzimprovisation, Berlin

Oct 29th 2022, DYNAMIC Halloween, @Mensch Meier, Berlin

May, 13th 2022, live @Open Playground, @Seneca Intensiv, Berlin
April, 22nd 2022, DYNAMIC @Mensch Meier, Berlin

September 23.-26. 2021, NaFTftEoT | Nightmares & Fairy Tales for the End of Times, Uferstudios Berlin

Sep 11th 2021, DJing@private event, Berlin

Aug 4th, 2021, live@Mieterinnengewerkschaft Berlin | La luta continua | solidarity for women in exile, Berlin
July 31st 2021, DJing@CIRCLExfemale:pressure@Mensch Meier, Berlin 

July 30th 2021, DJing@private event, Berlin
June 12th 2021, DJing@DYNAMIC UTOPIA @Kulturhaus Kili, Berlin
October 2nd 2020 as part of the quadrophonic concert "into sound Konzert für dreidimensionale Musik" @Werkhalle in der Wiesenburg Berlin

March 7th 2020 DJing @secret location Berlin

October 2nd 2020 part of the quadrophonic concert "into sound Konzert für dreidimensionale Musik" @Werkhalle in der Wiesenburg Berlin

March 7th 2020 DJing @secret location Berlin

March 8th 2020 DJing @DYNaMIC Rave II @Diskothek Melancholie 2 Berlin

Feb 1st 2020 DJing for the feminist VJ collective Trial & Theresa's Firehouse Sessions #2 as part of Transmediale Vorspiel @Café Babette Berlin
Dec 23rd 2019 DJing@Minimal Bar Berlin

Dec 17th 2919 live @Seneca End of the Year-Improvisation Berlin

Dec 5th 2019 live & DJing@secret location Munich

Nov 28th 2019 live@MEETUP Berlin

Okt 18th 2019 @secret location Berlin

Sep 27th 2019 DJing @DYNaMIC Berlin 

Aug 17th 2019 DJing @Equal I Lichtenberg Berlin
Aug15th 2019 DJing @MEETUP Berlin

May 25th 2019 Part of the quadrophonic concert  "Nur Hören" @LaborGras Berlin
May 12th 2019 DJing @Rituals hosted by female:pressure @Suicide Circus Berlin 

May 10/11th 2019 performing with WAH @ Alte Pfarrkirche Berlin-Lichtenberg

Apr 26th 2019 live @tamtam Munich

Apr 19th 2019 live & DJing @ Soundsystem Culture @Mensch Meier Berlin 

Jan 24th 2019 DJing @Soundsystem Culture II @secret location Berlin

Jan 17th 2019 - DJing @MEETUP Berlin @Lauschangriff Berlin 

Dec 7th 2018 - Minutekturen concert with  minutektiv @Greenhouse Berlin

Nov 30th 2018 - DJing with visuals by Kalma @React Day @Kosmos Berlin

Nov 24th 2018 - Quadrophonic listening @LaborGras Berlin

Nov 8th 2018 - artist talk @ Scope Sessions #77 @SomoS Berlin

Nov 9th 2018 - DJ @ 20 years of female:pressure @Mensch Meier Berlin

Oct 20th 2018 - Performance (music/dance) at Akademie Remscheid

Oct 14th 2018 - Studio performance with WAH @Uferstudios Berlin

Sep 7th 2018 - live @JK@Mensch Meier Berlin

June 15th 2018 @Spektrum Berlin

May 19th 2018 Ding @BLO Ateliers Berlin

May 12th 2018 @Lauschangriff Berlin

May 10th 2018 @Ausland Berlin

April 21st 2018 @Gelegenheiten Berlin

April 7th 2018 @modular+ space (Greenhouse) Berlin

March 17th 2018 DJing @Jonnys Weltraumtanke Berlin

March 15th 2018 DJing @Loophole Berlin (at MEETUP Berlin)

October 28th 2017 DJing @Südblock Berlin (at Soli-Event for queer refugees)

July 27th 2017 DJing ambient @secret location (at MEETUP Berlin)

July 14th 2017 DJing @AU Vienna (at Subcultures under Pr€$$ure by female:pressure)

Jun 15th 2017 live with @minutektiv @maß und ziel Berlin

May 20th 2017 DJing @secret location Berlin

May 5th 2017 performing with @WAH @Studio Verlin Berlin

Feb 17th 2017 performing with @WAH @Liebig12 Berlin

Feb 15th 2017 live @secret location (at "A Thousand Tones"-Release & MEETUP Berlin)

Jan 25th 2017 live with @minutektiv @Panke Berlin (at ableton user group Berlin)

Aug 17th 2016 live with @minutektiv @secret location (at MEETUP Berlin)


foto credits (left top - right down):

Donna Maya, Wild Anima (2), Suesz, Donna Maya, Markus Kovacs, Claudia Heland, Markus Kovacs (2)

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