WAH (Weber / Anderson / Helschinger) is the name for collaborative work of Anja Weber, Jagna Anderson and Dodi Helschinger.

Since 2016 WAH keeps criss-crossing various artistic fields and creating new polyphonies out of dance, acoustic and electronic music, vocal performance, poetry, video and installation. We explore intersections between (female*) body and its different multi sensorial and cultural contextualizations.


anja weber / mila chiral – dance, electronics, synthesizer, e-guitar

jagna anderson – dance, voice, space concept

dodi helschinger – voice, poetry, e-guitar



performances / works :

where is my when (2016)

Amorphous Alloy (2017)

Amorphous Alloy 2.0 (2017)

Eva I (2017)

ENT.ZEIT.Rebellion (2018)


music :